1)      Regular short breaks

Ensuring you take regular breaks from lengthy periods of intense concentration can help to reduce stress and maintain motivation throughout the working day.

As well as reducing stress, breaks can increase your productivity and creativity by replenishing your mental resources.

Make sure you take a positive break like getting up and away from your desk for a quick walk to get some fresh air or making a cup of tea or coffee.

2)       One task at a time

Multi-tasking is a brilliant skill but recent studies have show that single-tasking can actually be more productive.

Through single-tasking you can put all of your energy and focus in to the task at hand, rather than juggling different tasks without giving them your all.

By taking each task one at a time, you can become more productive as well as producing brilliant results for each piece of work.

3)      Less meetings

Following a recent study, 31 hours are spent by the average employee in unproductive meetings each month!

Of course though some meetings are crucial, especially at the current time to check-in with staff for check-ins for them and reviewing important tasks.

The key is to strike a balance and always see whether that hour meeting on Thursday afternoon needs a meeting, or whether an email or call would suffice.

4)      De-clutter

Whether you are working from home, the office or a mixture of both, a tidy desk can be key in increasing your productivity throughout the day.

By having a tidy desk to sit down to at the beginning of each day, you can start the day and move straight into work.

It also helps to minimise any distractions from previous pieces of work and aids with focusing on the task at hand with only relevant information at arm’s length.

5)      DITO

Utilise the power of your voice and use DITO speech recognition. Take away the need to write tediously long emails and reports by speaking directly to your computer or laptop.

Create custom commands within DITO to input standardised pieces of text like an email sign-off or address as well as navigating around your device in seconds rather than minutes.

Dictate at around 150 words per minute and find our just how productive you can be!

Productivity isn’t about how busy we are, or how fast we work—it’s about how much we accomplish. That’s what we’re left with at the end of the day.